Las felicidades de la tormenta en shorts @ calle 8, pequeña havana #vscocam #littlehavana #miami #ihatemymiamiumbrella (at Calle Ocho (8th Street))

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Downtown Miami #vscocam #miami (at Downtown Miami)

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The real Art Deco pool #vscocam #miami #thenationalhotel #artdeco (at National Hotel)

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What if the camera really do take your soul, on and on #vscocam #artdeco #miami #arcadefire #elevatormusic (at National Hotel)

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La vieja marina mercante, playa ancha, Valparaíso. Por ahí corría yo y mis gordas piernas de infante #vscocam #valparaiso #playaancha #coldashell

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Lo único medianamente interesante que tengo es mi ojo para la cámara, así que como dicen, el que no postea selfies, postea paisajes #HongKong #vscocam

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Nostalgia on Flickr.

I lived in Valparaiso for nearly 20 since I was born there at the funniest and weirdest named hospital in existence (It was called Enrique Deformes, in spanish that is very unfortunate for a hospital with pregnancy wards). Every time I go back there I get a sense of nostalgia, but also feeling of decadence and ruin, don’t get me wrong, Valparaíso has always been that way, a little (or more than a little) ruined, but that’s one of the weird things you you get to miss from your childhood, things that you can find beauty full in the end, but other could find it horrible. I think finally with this picture I managed to capture the mood and my feelings every time when I set foot on the city

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2001_two tone on Flickr.

Even when I remember little about the movie I’ve always had a fascination on the aesthetics of 2001 Space Odyssey, the colours and lights, shapes and compositions. Since I’ve planned to try and watch in one seat the movie again I wanted to make a poster, 4 little interpretations of 2001 based on the same picture.

This one is the basic flat drawing, borrowing heavily from Charles Burns to draw David and the suit, then using flat colours to bring life to the image. Following this I want to make an aerograph version, a B&W and a much more colourful one. Unfortunately I’m not skilled in oleo painting so everything is digital so far.

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If you ask me why do I spend shoe soles and many many hours walking around the Tate modern, I would say that there is something inspiring on the modern art museums, on every detail, discovering the weird puzzle that can be the motivation behind every crazy piece. I’m really grateful that my job gives me such opportunities

Si me preguntaran por qué gasto suela y horas en el Tate, les diría que hay algo inspirador y desafiante en los museos de arte moderno, en cada detalle, descubriendo el puzzle que hay detrás de cada locura sin sentido aparente. Por ello estoy agradecido de mi pega por todas esas oportunidades

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daredevil on Flickr.

Why do I draw super heroes?, well, for starters is easy. The idea behind doing flagrant plagiarism of real artists is to uncover some techniques and really learn to draw. I might some day do something original, but I don’t have enough time to spend on clases o trying to develop the art by miself, so I’m like a learning robot, I figure things out while someone else move my hand

(original by Paolo Rivera)

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