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Laguna cucao a minutos de irnos en kayak y saber lo que se siente que te duelan los brazos #cucao #chiloe #chile

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I prepared this improvised set for Samus, but my veritech could feel jealous so I took one of it too #robotech #veritech #miniatures

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Just arrived! Armé un set improvisado con la caja de Amazon y le tuve que sacar fotos a Samus #metroid #samus #nintendo #miniaturas

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Playing with the devil - Cross on Flickr.

4th poster sent to “Playing with the devil”, the producer wanted production images and a cross, he sent me a very good idea of different pictures in a cross shape arrangement, however I couldn’t make the cross arrangement with the space on the back work, so I ended up coming up with the idea of the shadow of a cross on top of the doll (or light). I really like this concept, I hope it get picked up

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Automatic for the people_stripes on Flickr.

This is the second iteration of the “automatic for the people tattoo”, I plan to make me stripes to resemble the shadows on the record picture. I’m not sure about the color, but I’m sure now about the stripes. They may be to thin for a tattoo, we’ll see

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Automatic for the people_Solid on Flickr.

I’m in the crazy mood to make me another Tatoo and this time I wanted to retake my old obsession with music albums pictures and covers. This one has been particularly present during my life, automatic for the people, I’m playing with the colours and I plan to shade it with stripes… because I don’t think any tattoo ink could replicate these neon colorsttoo

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Playing with the devil - Polaroid on Flickr.

This is the third draft I sent for the poster of Playing with the devil, Here I played with lot’s of layers to make it look like an old polaroid picture. I really like the touches of the shadow over the door and the crayon drawing on the face, I guess it was too weird and it didn’t even passed the initial test with the producer… well, moving on

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Royal profile on Flickr.

The TATE Modern is one of my favourite places in London, so full of vibrant colours inside of such grey and industrial structure. This are busts of Nefertiti

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Paying with the devil - Baloon on Flickr.

Second draft for Playing with the devil. This is the minimalist and graphic version my friend asked for. I think I went too far with the concepts and is hard to understand XD.

It didn’t go trough the approval process, but I like the charcoal effect of the drawing and the title

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